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Alabama Cup Racing Series

Welcome to the Alabama Cup Races website!

The Alabama Cup Races have been in existence since 1992 and were developed to acknowledge the best racers of the three. The Mulberry Fork Canoe & Kayak Races started in 1981 and is the longest running slalom race in the US. In 1991 the Locust Fork Invitational began and a year later the Locust Fork White Water Classic was added.

In 1994, the Mulberry Fork Canoe & Kayak Races hosted the qualifying races for the U.S. Olympics. Some famous racers have been Eric Jackson, Rich Weiss, Davey Hearn and Phillip Foti. In 2014 the Mulberry races were designated as a qualifier for the junior Nationals. Many young racers get their start here and we love to see them go on to competition at the national and international level.

Paddlefest – Our newest event!

The Locust Fork Whitewater Classic race will be replaced by Paddlefest. Paddlefest is a celebration weekend that will feature clinics, demos, music and camping. There will be no race during the Paddlefest. This weekend is meant to be a celebration of the river and the people that love it. It will be held at King’s Bend, the same place as the Locust Fork Invitational.

The Alabama Cup Racing Association

The races are managed and promoted by the Alabama Cup Racing Association (ACRA). Each race is managed by a committee of individuals drawn from state paddling organizations, conservation groups, your average everyday paddlers, and others in the community willing to volunteer for these exciting events. ACRA and all other groups involved are non-profit organizations.

Made possible by our Sponsors and Volunteers

These races have been possible through the hard work of many people donating their time and energy to making the races a success. Our great sponsors donate food, items/services and financial support. If you would like to donate please contact us here. If you would like to volunteer please signup here.